Wind down with Alyssa Brieloff

Hey Alyssa!

We really loved having you on set with us a couple weeks ago. You look so gorgeous in all the pictures & videos! 

As Brianna touched on, we’re starting to assemble Waverles MUSINGS, a thoughtful blog that covers all things brain and body boosting, with wellness & lifestyle guidance as well as special interviews featuring wonderful humans like you.

 It’s extra cool to have your story tied to the bamboo basics launch and to have all this fantastic content to support it all!

Okay, let’s get started. I structured these like an in person conversation to hopefully guide and support your responses in a way that feels organic and easy

1. Hi Alyssa! Thank you so much for taking the time to share some delightful musings with us. Can you start by telling us a little about yourself and this amazing holistic & spiritual wellness journey you are on (that we’re super excited to dig into today)?
2. Take us back to the beginning, what kicked off your journey as a Reiki healer and other avenues of spiritual work and how has it evolved into what you put out into the world today?

3. I think it's quite unique and empowering that you were given tools at such a young age to manage stress and to sort of create the energy and intentions you want to take into your day to day. So many of us navigate the many different self care/self help/self service tools out there later in our lives, often when adulthood is just kicking our a$$. 

For those of us who have little to no mindfulness practice or internal reflection or acknowledgment of our own ‘spirituality’. What does that actually look like? Or how would you describe it? And furthermore, put into practice?

4. You’ve had such tremendous growth with your work as a content creator as well and it feels like one of the reasons you’ve been able to grow such a powerfully engaged community is because of the level of intention with which you seek out resources and continual growth. You seem to always be exploring additional self care routines, comparing wellness products, tapping into your growing community and other resources (books, podcasts) for health hacks and mindful practices, etc. 

With that, what are a few of your favorite wellness practices, rituals and/or routines you can share with us right now? 

5. Fantastic. Now, we had the pleasure of featuring you in our ‘Basics Done Better’ collection featuring our new drop of buttery bamboo basics. What do ‘basics’ mean for you in terms of getting dressed, styling yourself for different occasions and/or even, in relationship to your wellness work?

6. You truly put such a wonderful energy out into the world and we hope that your ‘basics’ support many feel good moments to come.Thank you for graciously giving your time and thoughtfulness to this conversation. I’d like to wrap us up with this - of all the wonderful things you’re doing, spiritual, entrepreneurial or otherwise, what are you most proud of? And what are you most excited for in the future?


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