A tradition bending bride, by Editor & Content Creator, Hannah Chambers

A tradition bending bride, by Editor & Content Creator, Hannah Chambers

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We are so excited to share our conversation with Editor, Content Creator & Bride-to-be, Hannah Chambers. We chatted all things entertainment with her career as an editor and of course her upcoming wedding.
Hey Hannah! Thank you so much for connecting with us today to share some lovely musings. First, a bit about you. You’re on such a wonderful path professionally as an entertainment editor giving us all the goods in Cosmopolitan, bravoTV, & Bridal as well as personally with your upcoming wedding and beyond! Tell us more, what has you really vibing high these days?

I was honestly devastated when I realized that people weren’t lying to me when they said that exercising regularly would actually make my life feel more balanced. (I am the laziest person ever, so it’s taken about a year to truly come to terms with this LOL.) Finding time to take barre classes — especially when I’m overwhelmed with my schedule or workload — is such a game changer. Waking up early is brutal, but an hour of moving my body without having my phone in sight is worth it every time.

I couldn’t agree more. Those post workout endorphins can really do wonders. Now hopping over to love land for a moment…Major congratulations to you and Peggy on your upcoming marriage! How did you two meet and what’s been making a big impact recently on the way you show up for each other in your relationship?

Thank you! We actually met when we worked together at a wedding invitation studio (it’s called Little Black Dress Paperie in Morristown, NJ), so we had the opportunity to get to know each other as friends before we began dating, which was really nice.

For me, little gestures make the biggest impact. For example: a few weeks ago, a mouse somehow got into my car. (I will never emotionally recover from that.) When I came home from getting my car detailed (which was not how I planned to spend a Saturday afternoon or a big chunk of money), Peggy had surprised me with flowers. It was such a simple act of love that helped me forget about the stress of the ridiculous day I’d just had. I love those little moments where one of us has a chance to do something small but significant to make the other’s day.

WOW. Well, that is such a sweet gesture and it sounds like you found a wonderfully thoughtful partner in Peggy. Where are you both in marriage prep and how would you describe your wedding style?

We’re just under three months out from the wedding, so by now, we have most of the big stuff out of the way. We’ve booked our vendors and we have a pretty good idea of what the vibe of the wedding will be.

Having worked in the wedding industry together, Peggy and I have seen TONS of different styles of weddings, which actually makes things a little bit trickier, in my opinion. There’s so much out there that we love, but that might not really fit our vibe, so we keep a shared Pinterest board to make sure we’re on the same page.

One of the funny things we’ve noticed about wedding planning is that one of the first questions everyone asks is, “What are your wedding colors?” And strangely enough, as a couple that met at a literal wedding design studio, we don’t really have designated wedding colors. Our venue has a ton of vintage 1920s character, so we’re trying to make decisions that complement the elements that made us choose it in the first place. We’re opting for simple white flowers with greenery, throwing in some mixed metal elements, and in lieu of bridesmaids, our siblings will stand beside us at our ceremony in black tuxedos. We don’t want to add too much fuss.

Yeah, I think when wedding planning, we often underestimate the power of the space you're getting married in to really set the tone of the event and inherently reflect the nature of the couple. I love the approach of picking elements you like and sort of complementing them to what’s going on in different aspects of the venue.
For my wedding, we also opted for our sibling standing beside us in lieu of bridesmaids which was so special, but putting them all in the black tuxedos (perhaps regardless of gender)?! That is next level cool. 
When the work, the wedding and life’s miscellaneous mayhem are in ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode; how do you chill? Any special practices or must haves for cozy relaxation you would like to share?

Remember when I said I’m the laziest person ever? I’m really not exaggerating. I wish I had an answer more interesting than “lay on the couch and watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race with our dog while we snack on chips and Heluva Good dip and burn a scented candle to combat the smell of French Onion.” But… I do not.

Haha, that’s fair and honestly sounds very effective. Okay, final thoughts here: In any or all arenas of life, what's coming up on the horizon that you're just really frickin looking forward to? Anything we should keep an eye out for? (we’ll be peeping for wedding photos of course..)
I’m at a phase of life where all of my friends are going through some really cool things that we get to celebrate with them, and that’s what I’m really frickin looking forward to. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed that it feels like every weekend for the foreseeable future is booked with birthday parties, housewarmings, showers, bachelorette parties and weddings, but I never want to take this time for granted. It’s so great to have so many reasons to celebrate. 
Thank you so much, Hannah! We can't wait to see all the content from you & Peggy's wedding. Sending all the love & happiness your way! Xx

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