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You’ve fine tuned every detail and counted down the days leading up to this very moment: the morning of your wedding day ♡. It’s the time where you take that conscious beat and say “I’m done planning, I’m done coordinating, I am letting it all go and I’m going to enjoy every moment of this day surrounded by those I love” - and as past brides, trust us when we say, definitely TAKE that beat for yourself! 

And what better way to bask in that love with your bridal squad right at the start of the day:  getting ready, tay swift love story blasting , sipping champagne and snapping all the getting ready pics- in chic, elevated matching outfits, of course.

With the days of plastic-y robes and oversized shirts with “bridesmaid” or “bride squad”  stamped loudly across them hopefully behind us, we have found you your new trendy, chic & COMFY option.  Now we know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ aesthetic when it comes to weddings or brides for that matter, so we are suggesting our three favorite looks for a unique and elevated ensemble.

Classic White - Dove Feather Pleats

For a playful take on the iconic, pearly white bridal look, your match is the Dove feather pleated set. This vivacious two piece set features sustainably recycled silky pleat fabric, hand sewn ostrich feather cuffs and mother of pearl buttons. Best part is, when the wedding day is behind you, this gorgeous get up will make a fun girls night in or flirty night out on the town.

And for your Bridal Party

 Hot pink sets to match!! Our hibiscus feather or plain pleated sets are the perfect pairing to really get the party vibes going in those early wedding day morning hours. And I mean, who doesn’t love a hot pink moment?

Something Blue - Sky Feather Pleats

For the nontraditional bride who loves a twist on a timeless tradition, our Sky feather pleated set is a must. Made from silky, recycled fabrics and plumes of hand sewn marabou feathers, get your ‘something blue’ squared away in this chic style. 

And for your Bridal Party..

Coordinate your crew into the Ivory feather pleated sets for a soft yet sleek bridal party pairing.

Vintage Bride - Ivory Feather Pleats

Speaking of Ivory, we are also obsessed with the Ivory feather or classic ivory pleated set for a more vintage inspired bridal look (and perhaps for you brides transitioning from this set into an ivory wedding gown. Like all of our feather pleated sets, this fit is sustainably made and thoughtfully detailed with a wide cut top and straight leg pants that drapes softly for a breezy fit for all body types. Because having everyone feel comfortable and confident is absolutely essential. 

And for your Bridal Party..

Pair your squad in the Noir feather pleated sets for a sultry and chic look they’ll want to wear over and over again well after your wedding is over.

Another unique ivory pairing we’ve seen and loved is the bride in classic dove feather pleats and the bridal party in the Ivory feather sets. You can view the full collection of feather pleated sets here.

These sets were made to be curated within a variety of unique aesthetics yet versatile and durable enough to flatter all body types and live on for many flirty, feathery moments to come in your married life. 


For a limited time, use code BRIDE for 25% off 5 or more sets.

Best luck on putting all the pieces of your wedding together and we wish you all the joy and love a new marriage can muster <3

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