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We Chat with Katie: Get to Know Our Brand Coordinator

Posted by Katie Olsen on

We are so excited to share our conversation with the Brand Coordinator of Waverles, Katie Olsen. Katie joined our team in Spring of 2023 and has blossomed into her role. We chatted about all things Waverles, self-care, sustainability, and goal-setting.

What are you looking forward to this month?
I think what I’m looking forward to most this month is getting back to coaching. I am an assistant coach for a college team and it has been so rewarding. I always feel it’s important to fill up your cup as often as you can. Coaching has been such a positive outlet for me to grow into other roles and make myself uncomfortable at times. I feel like I have truly grown into myself there.
What does comfort mean to you?
I love being comfy, but in as many aspects of my life as possible. I feel like most people think being comfortable is putting on a cozy set, but I feel most comfortable when I look and feel great. But, I also feel it's important to make yourself uncomfortable too. If you feel comfortable 100% of the time, there's no need for self-growth. 
Our brand is all about the idea of wavering less when you’re getting dressed, making one decision in your day easier. What is one decision you wish you didn’t have to make every day? 
That has to be what I’m having for dinner. I absolutely love cooking and baking and I try to do it as much as I can in my free time. But, when it comes to what I have to cook for my family, I wish someone would just give me a list. Even when it comes to takeout. I wish that someone would just tell me what we were having and I’d work my life around it. 
What helps you to waver less and slow down?
I love to read books. I could sit down and read an entire book in a single sitting. One thing that I wished I did more for myself was read more often. I often find myself going back and forth between times where I read a ton and sometimes where I read nothing at all. I think it’s something I truly have to prioritize to slow down and have a moment for myself. When I take these moments for myself, I find my decisions to be clearer and I have way less stress.
We’re all about sustainability and slow fashion. Are you a conscious shopper? What do these things mean to you personally?
I would call myself a conscious shopper. I feel that purchasing pieces that are made ethically and are sustainable are super important to me. I try my best to avoid purchasing items that I can’t wear to more than two different events. For example, I wouldn’t buy something I couldn’t wear to both work or coaching. This way, the items I purchase have different occasions they could go to. I also feel that shopping sustainable means that these pieces will last me a long time. Since I wear these pieces often, I look for clothes that can go a few wears without washing or pieces that will last me multiple washes.
Shameless plug - What are your favorite Waverles pieces?
My favorite Waverles pieces have to be the blush Pleats Please set and the mock necks. I absolutely adore the mock necks because they are super easy to dress up or down. I find myself reaching for them first thing in my closet because of how effortlessly chic they are. The blush sets will always have a special place for me, mostly because I posed for them for the site. It was such a surreal experience for me. I am so thankful for my experiences so far at Waverles and I cannot wait to continue my journey here. It has been such a great environment for me, both mentally and physically. I cannot thank Waverles enough.

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